How to Desire

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by Kristian Michail


Warning: By the end of this, you will have a protocol for DESIRE that brings the gift of the FUTURE into the PRE-SENT moment.


MASTERY has nothing to do with who knows the most. Mastery is being clear on what you want and being able to get it. With certainty of HEART, clarity of MIND and conviction of SOUL. There is no prize for being ‘intelligent’ when you can’t even manifest what you actually want. Intelligence is challenging ideas which have only gotten you so far. Over-intellectualisation perpetuates the PAIN of not getting what you want. When one’s WORD is weak, the Mind fools itself. A heavy worldview becomes the overtone for an unsatisfied Soul. Avoiding an honesty with where you are really at. But you can only fool your Heart for so long. And as the desires of your Heart remain unmet, the Soul screams for a solution. If you listen closely, your Desire will reveal itself. And by following the Heart of Desire, you realise what you wanted was waiting for you all along.

Your HEART and your MIND want the same thing. To be free from doubt. Your Mind does not only doubt. Your Mind is doubt. And what it is ultimately waiting for is your Heart to free it from itself. A Mind without Heart is sick, disturbed, stuck. Cut off from the divinity of its own blood. A connection to the Heart is the most potent pathway beyond Mind. For once your Heart has been heard, the question of the Mind is answered. And beyond Mind is where the impossible becomes possible. The revolution of the Heart is beyond all ideology. It answers to no man and bends to no authority. The Heart is the gateway to the SOUL. And once you listen to its WORD, the WORLD will respect you because you respect yourself.

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To get what you want in LIFE is simple. The process of asking your HEART what it wants has been complicated across the ages. Shrouded in mystery, encrypted in secrets. For a MIND disconnected from its Heart is easy to control. The power of man’s WORD has been hidden. A simple protocol of how to actualise your SELF has been swapped for confusing rhetoric, deceptive data and grand diversions. The greater the confusion, the easer it is to manipulate you. If you are tricked with what you think you 'should have,' you become blind to the facts of what you really want. If you are disconnected from your Heart, there is no one else to blame. Your Heart is the filter of all bullshit. And if you've chosen a heartless path, don't be surprised if it is bullshit you've wounded up experiencing. By returning to the Heart, creating from what you LOVE becomes the natural ACTION. With your SOUL reminding you that no CREATION is impossible.


To master the actualisation of your WORD, you must be be clear on the facts of your own WORLD. To get what you want, one must be willing to be honest at where they are at. To deny the facts of your current situation is to deny your SELF. When your World is void of fact, your Word is void of POWER. Because you can’t even trust the ground that you stand on. Ignoring the pain of not having what you DESIRE is dangerous. To deny your HEART is suicidal. And it is the denial of what you really LOVE that disturbs the SOUL. Start by getting clear on what it is that you have, don’t have, want and don’t want. By addressing the facts, you reclaim the Power of your Word and the agency of your World. With a clear map of your current situation, the weight of your MIND is unloaded off its burdens. Allowing the opportunity to cultivate what you'd truly Love.

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Firstly, what you DON’T HAVE and DON’T WANT indicates how far you’ve come. By acknowledging your ability to transcend and overcome undesirable outcomes indicates a level of competence in getting what you want and honouring your Word. Being clear on these facts is an antidote to assuming you are powerless with your Word and that the WORLD you live in is out of your control.

Secondly, what you HAVE and DON’T WANT indicates the direction of your HEART. For every burden in your LIFE presents an opportunity to create what you actually want. Underneath every dissatisfaction is a hidden DESIRE demanding to be seen. As you implement the protocol of manifesting desire, the facts of unwanted situations reveal what it is you've been denying yourself.

Thirdly, by knowing what you both HAVE and WANT is a powerful anchor. Many of your greatest feats, accomplishments and transformations are in this category of CREATION. Honour the fact that you've created things you LOVE multiple times before. Many of which you once thought impossible. Being PRESENT to these are a crucial gift in helping you address what has alluded you until now.

Finally, being clear on what you WANT which you DON’T HAVE is the most honest you can be. Remember, there is no prize for being 'intelligent.' You can be fixed in your ways forever, but what's the use if it doesn't get what you want. Don't underestimate the ability of the HEART to humble the MIND. To give up 'being right' in favour of getting what you truly want is the most courageous act of them all. Knowing 'how' to ACTION the DESIRE the not your concern for now (although declaring your WORD is the greatest Action). The first step is giving yourself permission to connect to what you LOVE. And getting over any PAIN of pursuing things that poisoned your heart.

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To create a WORLD that you LOVE, fully appreciate what's lead you to your current set of facts. Begin to own any TIME you feel you sold out. Until you own the time, the time will own you and you'll live in regret. Doing so is a powerful declaration. Forgive yourself for following other's impositions and letting their WORD dominate your World. PAIN is a rite of passage in the renaissance of your Word. Heaviness here is normal. There may be wounds in recognising that you've abandoned your SELF at times or betrayed your HEART in favour of survival. Once your Pain is properly heard, the Heart will be healed. Calling it out will begin to restore the strength in your Word. Where what you once gave your Word to is no longer a force that weighs down your World. That you are free to create and choose your Word in any moment. Seperate from the PAST, open in the PRESENT, free for the FUTURE.

Acknowledge what things you've rejected as well. When your HEART is honest with the facts, nothing can stop it from getting what it wants. By seeing the balance of how you've both sold out and stood tall across the years allows you to embrace the hidden blessings of your destiny. You'll come to discover that your PAST is the perfect recipe for your next CREATION. Do not apologise for your preferences. Your judgement calls will always be unique to you. However, if any 'should' judgments are paralysising you then you have the POWER of WORD to confront their utility moving forward. As uncomfortable or unusual your 'should' confessions may seem, they are the perfect symbol in revealing what your Heart truly wants.


No desire of the HEART is impossible. Ask and you shall receive. The Heart is designed to filter out bullshit and laser in on what you really want. Beyond the fantasy, through the PAIN, past the illusion. The doubt in asking for too much or not knowing 'how' to get what you want is not an issue with a powerful WORD. Let the Mind play those limiting games. Your SOUL is not bound by such restrictions. Actually, the 'how' is another illusion. The moment you properly ask for what you want and feel the DESIRE properly, the 'how' begins to take care of itself. You are relieved of your duties. As if you are in cahoots with the universe. As if the union of Heart and Mind inseminates the womb of CREATION. Seeding the child of your THOUGHT before any physical Desire is birthed in the WORLD. Naturally and effortlessly bringing your Word into existence. Because when your Heart is properly heard, LIFE is born.

To turn DESIRE into reality requires a PROTOCOL. A methodology of manifestation that requires no permission or justification. Some call it prayer. Others call it visualisation. But once you experience the magic of your own WORD in creating pre-sents of the FUTURE, your conviction in LIFE will never be the same. Awakening an ENERGY that transcends all FEAR and heals all wounds. Within 10 minutes, you can seed any Desire into a reality. Within any moment, you can presence the future now and make the past disappear. On-demand, without any aid, now and forever. Visualisation allows you to take a future WORLD and make it real in the pre-sent moment. Once the HEART has been heard and you've experienced the essence of its Desire in real time, the hardest job is complete. Which is being undeniably clear with what you want. As if destiny has been determined and that you are a just a vessel to bring Word into CREATION. A lack of clarity with what you Desire is symptomatic of a Heart that has not being properly asked.

The four ingredients of visualisation are:

DESIRE of what you want + EVENT of the desire being met + EMOTION you want experience + ACTION you take at the event upon the desire coming true.

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Close down your eyes and feel into your BODY. Breathe deep and exhale slowly until you've found relaxation. The PROTOCOL of how to desire starts with one simple question: What does your HEART truly want? As you begin to meditate on this question, your SOUL will begin to whisper. No timeframe is needed. No urgency is required. Sit back, relax and let divinity reveal itself.

Once your DESIRE is clear, ask yourself a second question: What event would take place if the Desire came true? This is where you start bending TIME and SPACE. By going to a clear and vivid scene of the Desire being complete within your imagination. Feeling the characters, the location and the happenings of the scene like a movie director. Eyes still closed. Feel the event happening now in this moment and that you are the main character in the scene.

To feel your deepest DESIRE is the height of intelligence. The wisdom in the body creates physical realities in the WORLD. What you desire is a spiritual experience of a material reality simultaneously. To cultivate what you really want in the outer world, get clear on the EMOTION you want to experience in your own BODY. By knowing what it feels like to have your Desire met in the bod, the reality in the WORLD becomes tangible and clear. By summoning the spirit of emotion, the material world follows.

Once the scene is set, bring this desired FUTURE into the PRESENT moment. Imagine you are in the scene of your Desire. Everything is as you wished. The miracle is right in front of you. It's already happened. The feeling in your BODY is as real as anything you've ever felt. What is the ACTION you'd take in this scene that upon the Desire coming true. The Action you choose to take will make the Future pre-sent in the Body and the manifestation real. Thank GOD for the gift of delivering the blessing of this experience. Visualisation complete.


Don't be surprised if you laugh, cry or bounce with joy. Visualisations are as real as any form of ACTION. A vivid and visceral incarnation is possible with THOUGHT felt in the BODY. Visualisation is a phenomenon of present moment CREATION. Worlds are built with WORD in the now. There is no PAST. There is no FUTURE. All there is and ever will be is this moment of Creation. Whether you realise it or not, declaring your Word is the Action that precedes all other Action. The greatest Thought and the greatest Action are one and the same thing. Every child birthed, every company started, every civilisation built. Here. Now. Forever. Seeded from your HEART, fuelled by your SOUL. You are your Word. You are the WORLD. And the more potent your Word, the more wonderful your Creation.

FEAR will state that visualisation is a fantasy. That thinking about something is distinct from doing something. And that may be so if your WORD is weak. A cynicism perpetuated by those whose Word is weak as well. Strong Word transcends doubt. A first timer may ask: 'How do I actualise DESIRE physically as soon as possible without waiting fifty years?'. All valid questions that are answered experientially in the advancement of one's own practice. No one can convince you of the Power of your Word. You must experience the POWER yourself. Once experienced, doubt melts away. The moment after your Word is declared, the ACTION you need to take will reveal itself. Dropped in your lap like a divine intervention. Humbling the MIND that is has all the answers.


If you'd like to bend SPACE and TIME, you can manifest DESIRE by asking what you want to experience in the next hour, day or week. Short term visualisations hold the same magnitude of importance as the offspring they'll end up producing. The generational gap between their actualisation does not lessen each of their value or necessity in the family. What you want to experience in fifty years is a product of something you first experience within your HEART in this PRESENT moment. To truly love your long term reality you must fall in LOVE with the facts right in front of you. When connected to your WORD, the doubt of near term actualisation disappears because your Present moment births any desired FUTURE. Desire is a symbol calling for present moment ACTION. Where Word is the Action that births all other Action. Where powerful Action is the result of a reality you're grateful to confront.

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