How to Heal

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by Kristian Michail


Warning: By the end of this, you will have a protocol of HEALING that has you MASTER your heaviest EMOTION.


When you don’t know what you want, life feels frustrating. When you know what you want but don’t know how to get it, it feels downright depressing. A presumption that LIFE is broken, rigged, impossible perpetuates a cycle of PARALYSIS. Defeated WORD gives defeated results. Your say in theMATTER becomes both symptom and CAUSE. Left unattended, wounds of the PAST wreck your faith in the PRE-SENT. Leading to both disease with your WORD and despair with your WORLD. Poisoning the conception of what you think is possible.

PARALYSIS is just a cluster of wounds that need HEALING. Everybody carries scars, but it’s those who can mend their ship that stay afloat. As you tend to your PAIN as the MASTER and COMMANDER of your own LIFE, a blank canvas of possibility arises. The black-marks of eroded conviction make way for fresh potential. A state of presence, grace and high performance returns. The impossible becomes possible. Because when you prove to yourself you can heal your own wounds, possibilities become endless. And when your HEART heals Pain previously thought impossible, actualising your WORD becomes your natural state.


HEALING can appear like some impossible miracle reserved for a lucky few. Out of your control. Beyond your jurisdiction. In the hands of some higher authority. As if you are not the MASTER of your own WORLD and expert of your own 'BODY`. Whether it's preachers, hustlers, doctors or governments, it's been sold to the masses that another will save you. Where even if a solution exists, someone else will get the credit for making solving your problem. Because who are you to heal yourself?

When the PAIN is so enormous, it's easy to accept that you have no POWER. Hopium becomes the drug of addiction. But when the WOUND feels beyond HEALING, hope wears off. Kicking in a heaviness that your WORLD is permanently lost. No where to run. No where to hide. Totally incapacitated for any alternative. Pain becomes normalised and agony is expected. Burdened by fate, spited by cruelty. That's unless you've experienced Healing yourself.

To those that have healed themselves, the canvas is different. HEALING appears like a CHOICE. An opportunity in fact. To say Healing is a Choice will aggravate the unhealed whilst simultaneously irritating the pockets of those that want you sick. A profitable racket with perpetual drama. It's projected, propagated and presumed that you have no POWER in your own HEALING. But once you've mastered how to heal, choosing to stay sick will be a reality you no longer accept.

Your WORLD is a product of your WORD. Outer reality is a reflection of your inner realm. A wounded World leads to wounded outcomes. Until the WOUND is healed, PAIN repeats itself. Rearing its head until the demon has been faced. Wounds trap us in thePAST, rob us of the PRESENT and spoil enthusiasm for the FUTURE. But wounds are not our enemy. Wounds are the gateways to CREATION. By mastering HEALING, we master our ability actualise our LIFE. Purpose revealed, joy released, LOVE restored.

PAIN is an opportunity calling you to transcend. For some, the FUTURE looks grim because Pain appears to give no CHOICE in this moment. That no matter what one explores, wishes or attempts all ACTION is helpless in the HEALING of one's WOUND. Suffering is the feeling of having no say in the MATTER. But one's Choice is sacred. The Choice of Pain is as real as the Choice of Healing. And to know that your Wound is something you've chosen is as miraculous as choosing your POWER to heal. Either way, it's all a choice. And the WORD you choose determines the WORLD you create.


PAIN is the product of frozen EMOTION. The harshest emotions are the heaviest to move. Their heaviness keeps you stuck in a rut, burdened in the body, steeped in chains. The heaviest of emotions do not want to move. Pain wants to stay frozen to avoid the danger of more Pain. For most, the Pain of the PAST seems like the only option to avoid more Pain in the FUTURE. So they disconnect from the gift of the PRE-SENT. There is another way. And those that knock on the door of their own divinity will find the answer.

The promise of HEALING is simple: those that can move their wounds, can move the WORLD. To move the WORLD, one must take full responsibility for the agony of their CREATION. A painful WORD gives a painful LIFE. By witnessing the fragmentation caused by your presumptions about the World — I, Us, We, Them — you'll begin to see how much you've separated yourself from your highest POWER. The separation splits you from divinity and lacerates the WOUND.

For this PAIN to be healed, the gap between what your WORD declares and what your SOUL desires must be closed. The incongruence of this fragmented separation is what slices your conviction. As long as you are torn within, your PAIN will continue without. Bleeding in PARALYSIS until your WOUND finds HEALING.

Emotional Line.png

A COMMANDER of their WORD and a MASTER of their WORLD has a healthy relationship to all EMOTION. Above the line Emotion is the offspring of wounds that one has found MASTERY over. To experience FEAR and take powerful ACTION is a sign of HEALING and mark of CREATION.Those who can shift the PAIN of their wounds into flows of appreciation are free from the shackles of their PAST.

Wounds are below the line anchors that thwart the LOVE of LIFE. They plummet your WORD and depreciate your WORLD. Not only do they leave gaping holes, they weigh down your body to depths of the abyss.`PARALYSIS is the problem. Wounds find comfort at the bottom of the barrel. They do not wish to be disturbed and have no interest in being touched. Wounds do not believe anyone can heal them. Wounds are hapless, helpless and hopeless.

But your SOUL has a bigger plan. Wounds are your children. And all they ever wanted was to be loved by their CREATOR. And they will pester you until they are fully embraced. Your LOVE is the HEALING. Your Healing is CREATION. All wounds are dying to come home. Seen, heard, held. And your Soul won't stop all wounds are healed.

The four emotions that anchor wounds are: SHAME, GUILT, GRIEF and HATE. All of which perpetuate PAIN. All of which distort your presuppositions about LIFE. All of which a strong WORD can transcend and transform.

Wound Matrix.png


GRIEF is the presupposition of permanent loss. An eternal threat of cruel twists. If the world can take away what you LOVE at any moment, then "the world is dangerous." Even if you are able to get what you want, it is only a matter a time before it is gone. And when what you LOVE is taken from you, it can feel as raw as DEATH itself.

If 'permanent loss' is assumed as an actuality, then a 'permanent loss' of LOVE and POWER is the presumption that follows. It’s despair both ways: an unfair PAST** and an unliveable FUTURE. Grief is a virus that presumes parts of your SELF and your WORLD are dead forever. That LIFE will be never the same, never be as good, never be as full because something is no longer there.

If you say Life is lost then your Life is lost. Until the presumption of 'permanent loss' is healed, your WORLD will feel lost in the agony of its WOUND. A grievous World is a product of a harmful Word that has ‘lost’ its say. As long as you feel things can be permanently taken from you, "the world is dangerous" will be your reality.



HATE is the presumption of permanent threat. If what you LOVE can be taken from you, then a hostile force deserves your rage. Hate is the precursor to Guilt. For an enemy to exist, one must blame someone or something for the CAUSE of their loss. When you are no longer Cause in the MATTERof your WORD, nightmares of the ‘enemy’ dominate your WORLD.

Enemies are an illusion that another holds the POWER. Enemies appear as devils but are useful angels here to wake you up. Mirroring wounds that are yet to be healed. As long as you presume your Power can be taken from you, there will be a threat to blame and an 'enemy' to Hate. Blame strips you of your Power. Blame pours acid on your deepest wounds. Hate looks like self-defence, but it is the silent killer of self-mutilation.

To Hate another is to assume they hold the POWER. Assuming you don't hold your own Power is the source of all your PAIN. To love the 'enemy' does not mean giving away your Power either. HEALING is the reclamation of your Power through the declaration of your WORD. To LOVE the 'enemy' is a declaration that your Power is a MATTER of CHOICE. And whatever that Choice is between yourself and your CREATOR.



GUILT is the presumption of permanent punishment. As long as there is an enemy worthy of Hate, then retribution against them will be perpetually sought. 'They damaged me, so I must damage them.' Animosity is a breeding ground for degradation. Bitterness in your tongue leads to toxins in your HEART. The damages you seek become daggers in your own SOUL.

The original wound of 'permanent loss' justifies your bitter outlook. If the WORLD has punished you, then it's 'right' to punish the World. You react as dangerous because the world feels dangerous. "I am dangerous" is the resulting outlook. A presumption that works both ways. It becomes both self-preservation and self-mutilation. The Guilt of others gradually transforms into a Guilt within. Outer resentment lead to inner disgust. Inner disgust perpetuates wounded behaviour. Being 'right' about your position does not necessarily give you what you want.

What your SOUL wants is LOVE** and to get the Love you want, the PAIN of being 'right' must be healed. 'Being right' is psychologically disturbing. It's a necessary part of the HEALING process. But at some stage, your Soul will demand an inner peace from the outer war you've created. Where no amount of Guilt towards others or yourself is adequate. Because when you punish someone else, you begin punishing yourself. And by punishing yourself, you let others punish you as well. Until the cycle of PAIN is healed, the punishment will continue. In this life or the next. Until you've grown tired of the Drama.



SHAME is the presupposition of permanent degradation. To feel Shame from the WORLD is to feel Shame within yourself. To blame others for shaming you is a miscalculation. They only give you what you think that you are worthy of receiving. Feeling degraded? You degrade yourself. Shame is suicidal. It tricks you into thinking that your are worthy of demise. That your downfall deserves celebration.

That another's WORD means more than your own. You decide your worth. A person worthy of Guilt believes they are also worthy of Shame. If you are not worthy of LOVE for everything that you are and everything you are not, do not expect the same LOVE from anybody else. You declare your worth as much as you declare your Shame. And until you see that you are both the problem and solution, the knife and the wound, the dis-ease and the medicine, your PAIN won't be healed.

A wounded person chooses to perpetuate their illness. A healed person chooses to flush out their WOUND. Either way, it's all a CHOICE. The innocent child within is waiting for your intervention. If you feel worthy of Shame then the WORLD will Shame you. If you LOVE who you are, the Wound will disappear. Shame is a prophesy for a WORD you've both created and allowed. And Shame is spiritual CAUSE of most physical disease.



To hold onto wounds is a CHOICE. Whether it appears so or not, keeping PAIN in your LIFE has a secret payoff. The DRAMA of one's suffering has a hidden agenda. Drama is a like a crooked racket. The facade on the outside covers up dodgy dealings in the back. The real agenda of Drama is to get a DESIRE met at any cost. Whether its at the expense of others or your own SOUL.

Manipulation becomes the means to justify the end. The longer one keeps the WOUND around, the longer one justifies more wounded behaviour. Perpetuating the cycle of PAIN, continuing a lineage of shady practice. Denial of such activity is a sleight of hand. And until someone pulls down the curtain, the Drama will continue. Beware those that perpetually remind you of their suffering. As if their suffering were a reality they did not choose.

Overt signalling is a great indicator of covert deception. HEALING is a rare CHOICE because suffering has its spoils. The payoff is lucrative. The greed of DRAMA blinds the value of healthy behaviour. And if you are addicted to extracting and exploiting the ENERGY of others, it's a drug that most will not easily surrender. For to heal PAIN you have to give up the Drama. Eliminating empty profits in favour of valuing your Soul.

Drama Trap.png

Every Drama has a toll. And everyone playing their role must eventually confront the cost. Every victim is an abuser. Every abuser is a victim. To be an abuser, you must see yourself as a victim. To be a victim, you must deny that you are an abuser. When the outer facade is so pristine, the chances are the closet is full of shit. Everyone in a Drama is playing their role in the theatre. As long as you blame someone else, you assume the role of the victim. As long as you are the victim, you perpetuate the same abuse.

The circle of suffering repeats itself until one fesses up and owns their CREATION. Drama seeks to manipulate and dominate. But the control it seizes is a bubble that will pop. Drama is not POWER. Drama has the hidden cost of stealing your Power. And when you become powerless, you'll call on a saviour. A guardian, an authority, a sedater or enforcer. Something to rid you of the PAIN. Someone to rescue you from the monster you created. And once they've saved you, you'll have someone new to resent. Someone new to abuse. Some new way to play the victim with. Saviours end up being blamed and the cycle continues.

All roles in the Drama are equally wounded. Whatever role you've been sucked into playing, your ENERGY will eventually be drained. Drama is as much of CHOICE than the HEALING it avoids. But with a strong WORD in the MATTER, Drama loses its control. The courage of Word can expose any illusion. Restoring an integrity with how you actualise your HEART. Empowering a conviction that no Drama can tax your WORLD. Where what you bring into CREATION honours the Choice* of your SOUL.`


Darkness convince us that our heaviest PAIN is too ugly to heal. That if the WORLD knew our WOUND, LOVE would be 'permanently lost.' To cope with this suffering (which we've created in WORD), we dump agony onto others and anaesthetise our HEART. Generation after generation. Culture after Culture. Shifting blame, numbing Pain. Addicted to sedation, denying transformation. All affirmed under the presumption that "the world is dangerous." All under the guise that the problem is outside our SELF.

But contrary to the illusion, no WOUND is too big for the SOUL to heal. No PAIN is given that you aren't able to handle either. GOD makes no mistakes. Every Wound is divine intervention bringing you closer to CREATION. As your relationship with your WORD deepens, the WORLD outside blossoms. Returning you home to centre of the Soul. Where HEALING is the journey and the journey is the Healing.

There is no need for 'hope' if your WORD is strong. There is no need to 'cope' if you can heal your WOUND either. The superpower of Word handles all the hows. Those convinced of their divine CREATION have the conviction to create the divine. Conviction of Word is conviction in the WORLD. A man connected to their SOUL cannot be stopped. World as your World. World as your Word. And through your Word all wounds can be healed.

Healing Protocol.png

PRAYER is the hotline for infinite CREATION. A pure HEART that chooses HEALING does not go unheard. Healing is the ultimate act of LOVE. Love is the ultimate act of Creation. Through the POWER of your WORD, you summon the miracle of LIFE.GOD** is on speed-dial. And through the HEART of Prayer, the SOUL will answer. Always ready, always available. Accessible to every child. Awaiting every adult. There to receive you, now and forever.

How to Heal:



Close your eyes and breathe. Let your BODY find a stillness. As you summon your WOUND feel into any PAIN. Locate it in the body. Once the Pain is located, go to the moment in TIME where the raw EMOTION from an EVENT seemed to freeze. Where the PAIN of a certain experience cut you and has continued to cut you since. The wound is an ACTION of another or yourself that you feel stripped you of your POWER. Once you identify what this Action toward or against you is, the Wound will be clear. (ie. Rejection)


Eyes closed. Breathing deep still. Feeling into your BODY.Ask your HEART what DESIRE was not met at in this painful moment. PAIN is a response to an unmet Desire. It can freeze you in the PAST and rob you of LOVE in the PRE-SENT. Connect to what your SOUL desires in this moment. Going beyond the limits of trauma, the chains of drama, the pain of wounds. Acknowledging your Desire is a vital step in declaring your worth. HEALING begins when your Heart gets honest with what you truly want. Feeling your Desire creates SPACE from the WOUND so the PAIN can heal. (ie. Life Partner)


Eyes still closed. What does 'the scene of the crime' look like for you. What were you doing and how were you being as the WOUND took place. To notice the other characters in your Drama is also useful. Feeling into the vividness of the scene in real TIME unlocks useful ENERGY to move the heaviness. By harnessing this imagery, we confront the PAIN head on and place ourselves in the seat of POWER. By witnessing how the Wound took place we take a necessary step in unfreezing the EMOTION. (ie. Day After Shock)


Continue breathing deep as you feel into your BODY. Feeling is the essential ingredient to HEALING any WOUND. Until the Wound is truly felt, PAIN will fester. Unfelt and unmoved EMOTION makes LIFE septic. Bypassing Pain perpetuates the sickness. Poisoning your WORD. Paralysing your WORLD. Confronting the Wound is a declaration of health. Your rawest feelings are the pathway to POWER. Raise this emotional feeling to a maximum. Once properly felt, the heaviest EMOTION has a chance to surface. Creating ENERGY and SPACE for divinely called ACTION to follow. (ie. Shame → Sadness)


ACTION is the mark of the CREATOR. The most powerful actions are free from the paralysis of wounds. The gift of HEALING is a POWER you give your SELF. Asking GOD to help your Healing is peak CREATION. Where one's WORD is the CAUSE of LIFE itself. Where union with the divine makes the hardest things possible. Seeded from the infinite, sourced from the eternal. Greater than any WOUND, bigger than any PAIN. Where as a MATTER of your Word, you are the MASTER of your WORLD and COMMANDER of your Life. When your Pain is at the height of intensity in your BODY, that is the divine moment you ask God for help. Surrendering your agony and your role in the DRAMA. As soon as the Prayer is made, Healing is complete.

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