How to Empower

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by Kristian Michail


Sex is power.
Love is power.
Money is power.
Energy is power.
Freedom is power.
Sovreignty is power.
Performance is power.

Warning: By the end of this, you will have a protocol of Power that gives you things you want that you've yet to figure out.

If mastery is being clear on what you want and being able to get it. Then to get what your truly want is the most important skill in life. Once you know your deepest desire and have experienced having it in the pre-sent moment through the prayer of visualisation, then something magical happens. Space opens up in your capacity to ‘figure it out.’ The Fear of 'how to make it happen' is no longer there. Fear is replaced with a divine enthusiasm as if every moment ahead will reveal the answer required. As if the secrets of what to do next are whispered in your ear. To figure anything out is the Power of all powers. A Power that's clear on its Word, connected to its Heart and in service of its Soul. If you have certainty within, the World will give your certainty back. But If you are weak with your Word, you will be perpetually stuck trying to figure it out. Disconnected from a divine Power that already has the answer in how to get what you want.

Power is certainty. The Word with the most certainty produces the most certain results. In an uncertain outer World, the only place to cultivate certainty is within yourself. Certainty is the mastery of your Word. Those that master their Word, master their World. Wherever you lack things that you truly want, you lack conviction with the Power of your Word. A disconnected Word is like your divinity is switched off. Any game would feel impossible if you played it without Power. Handicapped, tied down, chained by disadvantage. Life feels impossible without powerful Word. Certainty is a function of Word. And your World is a function of the Power your Word wields. If you Word is weak, then so are your results. And if your results are weak, then you've forgotten you have the Power. Disconnected to the conviction that you can 'figure it out.'

Clarity is power.
Conviction is power.
Connection is power.
Confidence is power.
Certainty is power.
Creation is power.
Courage is Power

It’s never the Mind alone that ‘figures it out.’ The Mind forgets its Power just like how it forgets what you had for lunch. However, the Soul never forgets. And it's the Heart of your Word that re-connects the Mind with the Soul. It's the Soul that has the Power to 'figure it out'. The Soul of your Word is the Power of all powers. It's the Energy of Life itself. No Fear can silence or stop it. Not even those that you've feared hold all the Power. Sloppy performance, poor outcomes and unsatisfying results is an energetic function of having a weak Word in the Matter. The material world is a reflection of your spiritual World. Both are just clusters of same core Energy. Matter is Spirit. Spirit is Matter. Word is World. World is World. Lack of Power on the inside is the Cause of lack of Power in your World. Your outer reality is the reflection of your inner realm. So when you don't like the results in your material World, you have a spiritual problem. And the problem is that you've assumed that the Spirit of your Word has no say in the Matter.

Assumptions are the offspring of your Word. How you parent your assumptions determine the health of your Creation. Fearful assumptions, defeated presuppositions and warped programming kills your confidence in being able to get what you want. Thus killing the probability of satisfying results. To reclaim the Power of your Word and the health of your World, you must cleanse the swamp of its Fear. Giving your Word the opportunity to create a World that you truly want. Press pause. Your material problems cannot be solved with the same level of Spirit that has you be stuck. The only Energy that can transcend your existing results is a stronger Word than the frequency of your current World. And If your World is run by Fear, then your Word will remain stuck. And as long as Fear runs the show, you'll never ask your Heart what you truly want. Because you Fear that even if you ask it, there are just some things in life that are truly impossible. Especially those desires which have alluded you up until now. But the impossible is possible. And those with strong Word know they have the Power to 'figure it out.'

The three assumptions of Power are: Authority, Proof and Scarcity. All of which are surrounded by a World of Fear. All of of which a strong Word can transcend and transform.

Let's talk about Sex.
A desire that effects 7 billion people.

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By trusting the Word of outer Authority, you'll lose the opportunity to verify your own Power. Low satisfaction results are correlated to low connection to your Word. Even if you followed somebody's Word and got the result you wanted, you'd be left with a bigger problem. At first, you may be feel powerful. You justify that no matter how you got the result, it doesn't matter because you now have what you want. Or so you think. Now the Authority has the perceived Power as they are the one's responsible for the result. You now risk seeing them as God. And if they are aroused by Fear, they'll continue marketing themselves as God to continue their Authority over you. All whilst obscuring your own Self ability to produce results. When your next problem comes around, you will be humbled. Because, you have not cultivated the skill that drives true Power. Authoritarianism is a product of Fear created by participants that don't author their own lives. To own your Power, author your own Word. Power is a function of authoring your own Word. Not accepting somebody else's. Verify, don't trust. Verifying your own Word is what leads to Power. Not blindly trusting what an authority’s Word is. Even if their Word may be useful there is still little value in being told what to think. If you do, you'll end up resenting them anyway. Because you know your Word is still void of its own Power. To think your own Thought and earn your own Word is much more powerful. Until you make yourself your own Authority, you won't experience true Power. And until you know your true Power, your Power won't actualise in the World.

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By unpacking the dissatisfaction of an unmet Desire, you'll come to see that real World results are a vibrational match to the frequency of your presuppositions. Low quality outcomes are Proof of low quality Word. Like Energy, second-rate fuel has crude effects on physical performance. Trash in, Trash out. If your Word is garbage, your World is garbage. Proliferated by inner Fear and polluted by outer threats you've believed to be true. Being disturbed by your lack of results is a feedback mechanism to expose mediocre beliefs. Once you've proven the destructive Power of your Word, you’ll be inspired to reclaim the Power of its Creation. By bringing light to your presuppositions, you'll cultivate the Proof of Heart, Mind and Soul to object the madness. Standing for yourself and seeing that justice is served. And there nothing is more just than a man standing for their Heart. When truly connected, the dangers and threats of the outside World (which you've created with your Word) begin to melt away. You'll realise your results are, were and always will be the product of the Word that you give. 'Social proof' of your own Power is an illusion. You don't need to prove anything to anyone if you can prove it to yourself. Real power is being any room or any context and not losing your Word. Your 'social proof' is only questioned if you question yourself. You prove your Power. Nobody else. Social proof comes when you prove yourself to yourself. Your Word in the Matter is the Proof. Certainty of Heart, clarity of Mind and conviction of Soul. The shiny object of external validation is an ironic distraction. Status games are irrelevant when you have high status within. The respect of others only comes when you respect yourself. Real deal results are a function of real deal Word. Once you know the Power of your Word, then the World will know your Power. And what greater Proof of Power than the conviction of your Soul.

Desire Satiation.png

To transcend the lower vibration of ineffective presuppositions, existing beliefs must be surpassed with higher quality Energy. The highest quality Energy available costs nothing, is accessible on-demand and is eternally abundant in supply. Your Word is the highest form of Energy: free, infinite, unstoppable. Material desires are symbols of spiritual callings. Matter is as infinite as Spirit. Spirit is as abundant as Matter. Desperation (and its dissatisfaction) is symptomatic of the Fear that material resources are finite. Marketers call it Scarcity. Fear of missing out is sold to drive desperation and fabricate hostile environments. To supplant this crude supply of limiting beliefs, a better Energy source is needed to fuel your Power. Each objection to low vibrational beliefs is a declaration of independence from the protocol of Fear. Love, your spirit’s deepest Desire and the most abundant source of Energy, is a better alternative. Fear appears to be the apex predator of the Energy food chain. However, Fear perpetuates its own frustration. Fear cannibalises itself. Fear cannot satisfy the Soul. No matter what you acquire through Fear it will be humbly swallowed by the vibration of higher Energy. Power, which is transcendent of Fear, leads to the Creation of previously impossible results. And all impossible results are presupposed with Word before their Creation. Performance is self-evident before the event. Miracles are a self-fulfilling prophecy ahead of time. Fear perpetuates the lie that life is impossible and finite. Yet there is nothing the soul wants more than proving this lie false. Once your Word is reclaimed, you'll go beyond Fear. The most scarce thing in the World is Word that honours Abundance. The illusion of Scarcity is a cosmic joke worthy of a putting smile on any man's face. The Soul cannot be fooled. Imagine you are satiated. As a Matter of your Word. What do you presuppose the World would look like? There is no room for Scarcity when your Word declares Abundance.

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